Frequently Asked Questions:

What if our family doesn’t have Scottish Heritage? 

It’s perfectly OK! Highland dancing provides fantastic exercise and a history lesson with every practice session. Scottish dancers are found all over the world, so we encourage you to try it out. Plus, Tartan looks good on everyone.

How do we get costumes? 

Dancers will need special dancing shoes, called ghillies. Attire for practice is typically a leotard or workout clothes and knee socks. Dancers who are just starting can wear ballet shoes and we will help them find their first pair of ghillies.

In order to perform or compete, dancers will need a Highland Outfit (kilt, vest, socks, and blouse) and three additional costumes as they learn more dances (National, Hornpipe, and Jig). There is a vast network of used costumes available to help anyone get started.

How do competitions work?

There is a highland dancing competition somewhere in the USA almost every weekend. Most dancers will compete locally a few times per year as they advance through the levels Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate. Many dancers will travel more as they reach the Premier level to attend workshops, competitions, and championships.

What if I don’t want my child to dance in competitions?

While most American highland dancers will compete, it is not a requirement. Our school often dances for civic events, which also provide an excellent opportunity to practice in full costume.

I am an adult. Can I do this too? 

Yes! There isn’t an adult beginner class right now, but we will look into adding one if there is enough interest.